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Player - Brendan Hutt, of Chicago, Illinois



Current Name - Shir

Known Aliases from the past - None

Clan - Gangrel, rumoured to be the progenitor of a Bloodline of sentinels and guardians

Age - Quite ancient, believed to hail from the Sassanid Empire of Persia, circa 600 CE.

Location - Last seen in the deserts of the Navajo

Known Current & Former Students - Unknown

Specialties - Bodyguard, sentinel, defender, ritualist.

Faction/Philosophy - Unknown

Things Known or Rumoured in the Kindred Population

Shir is has a reputation patient and selfless Kindred, willing to place himself in harm's way for the survival of important Acolytes. He is said to be unfailingly polite and willing to listen to other points of view before deciding anything. His beliefs, stemming from his mortal days as a Flame Temple Guardian in ancient Persia, are more dogmatic and religious than spiritual, often having more in common with the Sanctified than with the Acolytes.

Common Knowledge within the Circle

Additional Rumours and Stories

  • Shir has spent the last century in the deserts of the Southwestern United States awaiting the return of his "joft"
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